Novel Application of Ionic Liquid as Additive in Grease


SEM morphologies of the worn surfaces lubricated by polyurea grease and different additives: a, d polyurea grease; b, e 1 wt% T204; c, f 1 wt% LP106 (the magnification of the images on the left is 80 ...

New Graphene Nanosheets/Ionic Liquid Based Supercapacitors


As a new kind of energy storage devices, supercapacitors possess a higher power density, a longer cycle life, a simpler charging circuit, no memory effect and are much safer and maintenance-free. They...

Novel Crystalline Metal Chalcogenides Synthesized in Ionic Liquids


Crystalline metal chalcogenides are a class of important functional materials that may find applications in thermoelectricity, photocatalysis, ion exchange, and fast-ion conductivity. The progress of ...

Research Reveals Influence of Molar Concentration of Ionic Liquid Electrolyte and Temperature on Sup


Carbon material has been a hot topic in the field of material research due to its excellent performance. Scientists both home and abroad have done a lot of research on the controllable preparation of ...

Unravelling the Role of the Compressed Gas on Melting Point of Confined Ionic Liquid


Recently, scientists from Prof. Guozhong Wu’s group at Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have successfully demonstrated that the confined ionic liquid under high-vacu...

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